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Prices of Bulgarian meat products rose by almost 15%

Prices of Bulgarian kolbasi (meat products) go up. Prices have jumped by 10-15% since January. This is indicated by the manufacturers' data. And the forecasts are that prices will continue to go up until the end of the year.

The reason for this is the increase in raw meat used in production by nearly 35%. Its price will continue to grow in the European market in the coming months.

So far, a pound of Bulgarian pork in stores has not been appreciated, but more and more people are turning to chicken.

Meat-processing companies explain the rise in sausage prices with that of raw materials from Europe. In just a few months, imported meat reported an increase of nearly 35%.

The biggest blow comes from China. Millions of animals have been killed there because of the infection. It is a huge shortage of pork in the country that drives up the prices of world exchanges.

Thus, in Western Europe the price difference is obvious - in Germany, the price increase is 25%, in Spain - 28% and in the Netherlands - 27%.

The price is projected to rise again by the end of the year - by nearly 50%.  

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