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Home energy cleaning with sound

Have you heard about energy cleaning with sound? Find out how you can do this in the following article.

Sound is one of the oldest ritual elements that are introduced to clean the space and even to balance the human vibrational field. Different spiritual teachings use sound for the purpose of precise training through separate instruments, using your own voice taking into mantras, chants and prayers, pronouncing certain sounds.

In the practice of Feng Shui, sound is one of the most effective and simple methods of activating the chi in the room and avoiding stagnant energies, especially in the corners. The most used ritual instruments for creating sound and energy purifying the space are your own voice, palms, bells, drums, gongs, maracas.

Voice-to-speech method for energy purification requires from the performer a certain level of preparation, so this procedure is not recommended for everyone. If you use your voice, you will take some of your own energy and you can be weary and exhausted for the day.

Performing energy cleaning with instrument sound is simple enough. The most recommended tool for this is bells extracted from metal (preferred bronze) and Tibetan bowls. If you do not have one, you can use tambourine, maracas, drum, gong, or simply clap your hands.

If you want to do the energy cleaning all over the house, do it when you are home alone. Wear clothing of natural fabric and light colors. Take the tool between your hands in case you have it, and start walking around the house. Every time you stop, use the tool or clap your hands together.

It should be clockwise, from left to right. If you include the whole house instead of a room, start at the entrance or from the closest room on the left. Likewise, you can walk around with a candle.

After cleaning with sound, it is advisable to take a shower and wash the clothes to avoid residual energies. You can also strengthen the effect by putting a small box or dish (not plastic or metal) with some sea salt in it (preferably rock salt) in the most burdened area.

The salt will absorb the residual energy left after cleaning. Replace the salt with new every two months.

Author: Ivelina Pencheva – Astrologer,

Author of the books "Astrology of Fate" and "The Sacrament of Life"  

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