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5 places near Sofia to visit on the weekend


Weekend getaway? Where to? Everyone has been in such a situation. You have only 2 days, which aren’t enough for a far away travel. Here are 5 places near Sofia for when you want to get out of town for the weekend.

1.  Pyramids of Katina

Katina is located 20 kilometers north of the center of the capital city, near Novi Iskar city. The pyramids have formed as a result of erosion and are an interesting natural phenomenom. The Katina pyramids were declared a natural landmark on 10 April 1962. The place offers incredible views, fresh mountain air and a picnic area.

 2.  Godech

The town of Godech is 50 kilometers from Sofia away. On the north side rises the Berkovski part of Stara Planina with Kom peak (2016 m), to the south is the Chapen Mountain with the highest peak Petrovski Krast (1206 m), and to the east there is Mala planina. To the west is the border with Serbia is not too far. All around the city and the villages there are a lot of temples and monasteries. We suggest you to go to monastery “Sveti duh” (Holy spirit).

 3.  Belchin

Belchin is 15 kilometers away from city of Samokov and 50 kilometers away from Sofia city. It is located in a valley between the mountains of Rila, Verila, Vitosha and Plana. If you are searching where to chill out during the hot summer days, Belchin offers you fresh mountain air. The nature is incredible and untouched. The village is popular with their hot springs, which are good for prevention and rehabilitation of a series of diseases.

4.  The Lozen monastery of Saint Spas

The monastery was founded in the 13th century, by the time of the Second Bulgarian empire. The monastery is located at 5 km south-east from the former village of Dolni Lozen, near Sofia. It is the perfect place for a chill-out day. The Lozen Eco-Trail is a good for a walk in good weather.

 5.  Lakatnik

The village is located in the west part of Bulgaria, in municipality of Swoge,  50 km away from Sofia. It about an hour to reach the destination by train, but once you are there, the view is unbelievable good. Lakatnik is a popular hiking destination and is famous for its caves. The Lakatnik cliffs are truly one of the most beautiful places of Bulgaria. From the top can be seen a breathtaking view.  

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