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Bulgarian PM Borisov: Increasing Number of Successful, Knowledgeable and Capable People are Starting to Return to Bulgaria


Increasing number of successful, knowledgeable and capable people are starting to return to Bulgaria because of the good salaries of highly qualified staff. This is what Prime Minister Boyko Borisov told journalists in Stara Zagora.

"Huge high-tech factories are made in Kardzhali, plus social centers for workers. In Rousse, the highest technology products are being built, which goes 100% to Germany - for example, the most expensive cameras of "Mercedes" are produced in Rousse, including the laser beams of the headlights, "Borisov also said. He pointed out that there are five similar plants in Shumen. "And I can bet that the BMW chassis will be made in Shumen," Borisov said.

He pointed out that all factories are already coming to Bulgaria and here are made high-tech components and the most expensive systems. "Our workers are highly skilled, disciplined. Rousse plants work 20% more capacity than in the Czech Republic. The Germans actually say that the Bulgarians are unique as workers. At the same time, more and more successful, knowledgeable and capable people are beginning to return to Bulgaria because the salary of the director of a plant, not to say who it is, is from 15,000 euros up. And the average highly qualified staff gets 5000-6000 euros. And 1300 leva plus food vouchers take the rest of the workers there, "Borisov explained, stressing that those who work well will get higher wages.

Borisov also said that at the next meeting of the Council of Ministers about BGN 500,000 will be allocated for the acquisition of the private streets of the Azotno-Fertilizer Plant in Stara Zagora. "More than 80 companies are located on the territory and have permanent problems with the infrastructure.The decision, which we discussed with Stara Zagora Mayor Zhivko Todorov, is for the streets to be redeemed and the municipality to take care of the improvement and the transfer of infrastructure, electricity, communications networks, "he explained.

The prime minister also announced that he is currently seeking a suitable person for Deputy Minister of Energy. "I am looking for a suitable person for Deputy Minister of Energy, but the cadres in this sector are quite a few," he explained. "We are committed to the Marits, because the money paid for the emissions is enormous," Borisov explained. He pointed out that in the coming years one must think about coal energy. "And we need to talk to people, think how many years we can pay money to get this energy. This is a topic I want to turn into discussion. We should not talk about it with political shades because the money we pay them all, "the prime minister said. Borisov said that with regard to coal-fired power stations Bulgaria should not compare with its neighboring countries because some of them are not in the European Union (EU).

Boyko Borisov also commented on the upcoming European elections. He pointed out that in recent years there is an increasing investment in infrastructure and the results are visible. "The opposition is already feeling that it will lose those elections as well. And they become so malicious, bile - watching the debate. They have nothing to show, "the prime minister said. "We want something to find a defect, but they have not built anything, they have not done anything," he said.

The Prime Minister announced that next week a new German car factory in Pazardzhik will be opened, as well as the ring road Plovdiv-Asenovgrad. "I want to see if the season will make the way to Sunny Beach so there will be no stoppers at all. The Bourgas World Athletics Championship will take place - and I want to see how things are going next week, "Borisov said.

He pointed out that huge construction works are currently being carried out in Bulgaria. "And they are raging about - they are angry because they see that the incomes are rising and the investments are big. You see the president having something nice, he says, "That's good, that good." And the worst just for the government. We understand them, and they lead their political strategy, "Borisov commented.

The prime minister also commented on the subject of the country's foreign policy. "The other day, the Guardian and the Russian media came up with comment on me, but both carefully say that I'm managing. It's hard for me, but the balance is there. We have managed to conduct a balanced policy with both Russia and the United States. I have resisted the Black Sea becoming a conflict zone because it is the most dangerous. It is important that we have also been able to understand with Turkey, and now we have 0% migratory pressure when we are in Europe. About foreign weapons on the territory of Bulgaria, I have not heard, "he said.

The prime minister said Wednesday that Alexis Tsipras would come to the construction of Greece-Bulgaria interconnector. "We want everywhere we can get gas so Bulgaria can be independent," Borisov explained.  

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